Hit compilation, one remixed song. Good to spice up your Sandra collection or to get new fans which missed out her preceding Singles. A videotape with all clips came out together with it... has all the clips but lacks on infos. No Background footage or interview.
I bought this CD in a small music store, a guy charged me exactly and I thought it was a cheap price for an import album. It was my first Sandra album so I always loved it. Since I bought it, I became her fan. The cover looked pretty nice to me cause she dressed very sexy. She looked cute, though.
The typical hit sampler, featuring mostly the shorter single versions. The only new things are the remix of "Johnny wanna live" and medium length versions of "Innocent Love" and "In the Heat of the Night". True Sandra fans will of course need to buy this one :-)
The fact that "I need Love" is not on this sampler proves that it really are only her 18 greatest hits...
Great compilation, which sums up Sandra’s best songs, including the ones from the first compilation, “Ten On One”. It is very representative since it contains as many as 18 of her best hits. It also adds a new version of “Johnny Wanna Live”, sounding a lot nicer than the original version. All in all, I think it is the number one choice for anyone who wants to find out what Sandra’s music is all about.
I bought this album in Madrid on a school trip, and I spent almost all the days listening to it; I say “almost” because, the last day, my walkman broke the tape...  I was about throwing my walkman out the window. This album is absolutely perfect when you don’t know what album to play. It doesn’t include "I Need Love" nor "Don’t Cry", which is a pity. 
For me a "Best of" album which has nothing new to give (only Sandra's 18 greatest hits), except of course the video cassette of the "18 Greatest Hits".
The third compilation album. Well, it's exactly what it says it is, The Greatest Hits, and it is. Again, it's a good album if anyone new to Sandra wants to listen to her music right from the very start of her solo career up until Close to Seven.

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