The CD is okay for the American audience to get a good overlook of Sandra's work as a solo artist so far. Too bad that it wasn't better promoted there. I stumbled on it accidently in a Dallas record shop. When I asked the salesman whether he had more of Sandra, he seemed to be surprized that this CD was in his shelf at all...
It is of course a matter of taste but I don't like the PWL remix of "Everlasting Love" very much - it lacks the power of the original single release.

This album is very much the same as Ten On One, but I prefer this release because it includes songs from Secret Land. The remix of Everlasting Love is good and dancy, but I like the original version more.

I was amazed to have found this when it first came out. 6 new Sandra songs is what it really was for me since I owned "The Long Play". "Heaven can Wait" and "Secret Land" blew me away, and the others were great too. The collection left me wanting to get the albums these "new" songs were taken from for the rest of the story. Which I finally did... over 10 years later, and only because of the internet.

Ok, here's the second of Sandra's compilation albums.
Apart from the new version of "Everlasting Love" which I'm not to keen on, this album contains some of the best songs from the first 3 main albums. It almost feels like it's just an update from "Ten On One" with many of the songs from that album also appearing on this one, which has then been updated with songs from "Secret Land".
On a whole, actually I think I prefer the "Ten On One" compilation, but only just.

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