Her last regular album. Good production but lacks in songwriting. In some songs you have this bad little feeling that they just were written to fill up some space. On the other hand, Sandra was highly pregnant as the Album was produced and you can hear that in some passages where her voice sounds deeper than usual. Has one BIG smash in it, called "First Lullaby"... wow, what a Ballad! Great pity that this song was never selected to be a single.

This album wasn’t that bad. There were some cool tracks, I used to listen them over and over ("Invisible Shelter" and "Won’t run away"). Oh, I love the music and lyrics from "Invisible Shelter" very much (poor girl)… guyz guyz guyz *sigh* (most of them) are jerks *lol* - ahem, SORRY. Seriously, I always get crazy after listening that song :-Þ

Although many fans disagree: I like "Fading Shades". It doesn't reach the quality of "Close to Seven" but it is also very mature in it's style. It takes tribute to the modern dance music but also has its great moments: "Nights in white Satin", "Son of a Time Machine" and "Invisible Shelter" are hymns... And who says that Sandra mustn't change her style??? 
She recorded this album when she was highly pregnant and that gives especially the lovely ballad "First Lullaby" a very touching mood.
Jens Gad's influence on this album was noticably very big and I guess, the Ibiza music scene had some influence, too. If it was for good - well, judge for yourself. But it seems to me, that Michael was more involved in other projects at that time.

This is not my loved album, sorry. This is good music and good lyrics. But for my taste this is not a professional work. Sandra's voice sounds higher than on other albums and it seems to me, it sounds a bit strange. But the lyrics are very... hmmm... warm and charming. This is heroism, to record the album in... 1995 :). I like on this album especially "First Lullaby". Sandra became a mama now, and my congratulations to her.

"Fading Shades" is in my opinion Sandras big leap into the pop of the last decade, where the songs became more synthesized... Sandra does a great cover of Moody Blues' "Nights in white Satin". This album also has great new songs like "Won't run away" and "Son of a Time Machine". The album was the last one Sandra made before she retired due to the birth of her twins.

With a big regret I have to admit that this album was a little bit of a disappointment. It has some good songs (like the remake of Moody Blues’ “Nights in White Satin” or “Won’t Run Away”) that have somewhat of a dance beat to them, but they are not as good as the ones from her best albums. It also contains two slow songs, including “First Lullaby”, which Sandra dedicated to her twins (still “on the way” at that time ). The lyrics and the songs seem to be more “mature,” but they are just not my style. The album is not bad, but it is certainly not my favourite.

After "Close To Seven", I expected something greater, so I was a bit disappointed when I listened to this album. Of course there are gems on this album, such as "Invisible Shelter" or "First Lullaby", but this was not the kind of music I wanted to hear.

This was the second studio album of Sandra's I bought. This is one of her finest works, if not her best. "Invisible Shelter" was the song that really moved me, and reawakened my desire to search for her other CD's on the internet.

This is the first album where I was the first one to play it on the radio here. The only thing I have to say about it is that Michael tried to put Sandra into the techno mode, based on computers. Is a good try but with no response from the people. This doesn't mean that the album is not good.There are some great songs to me like "Nights in white Satin", "Invisible Shelter", "Will you whisper" or "First Lullaby".
Another album I don’t listen to much. Like "Close to seven", it’s totally different from what Sandra was in the beginning. Maybe one song to point out: "Tell me more". Others than that nothing special. "Nights in white Satin" is also nice but since it is ‘stolen’, it doesn’t count much.

When I first saw this album's cassette I was surprised with the new image of Sandra.
A surprise was also the whole album - different sounding, integrated techno style, which gives the album nothing more than commercial success among teenagers. There some titles are not worth of Sandra's singing). For example, "Tell Me More", "Won't Run Away"... Definitely, the *role* of Jens Jad in this album is undeniable.
Nevertheless, Michael is Michael and Sandra is Sandra; the strength of Sandra's voice in "Nights in White Satin", despite her pregnancy, surprises - she had to sing in sitting position due to the exceeding pressure onto her diaphragm, but she overcame it. "Will You whisper" must be noted as one of the well-made songs of the "Fading Shades" album. Arranging of "I Need Love" and the emotion it gives deserves the best assessment. As it was in "Close to Seven", the ending to "Fading Shades" album is also at the professional level; "First lullaby" - on one hand, it reflects the situation of Sandra's estimation as a future mother, and on the other hand it fits as the album finalization very well.

Hummmm... Fading Shades. Well, it's certainly not as serious as "Close to Seven" maybe more on a par with "Paintings in Yellow", but not as good I would have to say, just different and a bit more pop'ie. The influence of Jens Gad, who has helped Michael Cretu create this latest album is very evident. Again, the album has a very distinctive feel to it, which I think must come from Jens, and I know many Sandra Fans don't like his influence at all. However, I had always liked his remixes and work with the second Enigma album, and I can't say that I totally dislike what he has put into this one. Saying that though, the remixes from the singles he's produced for "Nights in White Satin" are terrible, but the "Won't Run Away" remixes are quite good.
Favourite songs are "Invisible Shelter", "Nights In White Satin" and "Tell Me More". It's definitely not her greatest album, but I still like it none-the-less.

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