After a long break she finally came back, I bet all of her fans were really excited and happy  (I almost cried *lol*). I was surprised and shocked when my friend *Agun-Nicolas* told me that she would release remix album and PETER RIES was one of remixers... oh my goshhhhhh… I couldn’t believe what Nick said. Anyway I felt great that day. A few weeks later I got all her remixes from Laserman (danke schön to him) they were so GREAT even though there were people who didn’t like those remixes that much (they think it’s a crap album) but who cares??? I still like it a lot ***Thanks Peter Ries and Wolfgang Filz to bring our memories back***

Well... this new remixes of her old songs had to grow on me first. But the remixers did a good job and kept the balance between Sandra-feeling and updating sounds. On CD2 there are a dozen very well selected songs which appear to hit the touch of the whole Album: The silent but sad goodbye of Sandra. It took 14 years to get that far and not many can keep up such a long period of recognizable success. A true must have and a great start (and sadly also an end) for anyone who is new into Sandra and her music.

So, this is Sandra's legacy... her goodbye, if you want. Many say, it is just another "greatest hits rip-off" but I disagree. First there are 12 good, fresh sounding remixes on CD No. 1, which I like very much. Some of them I like even more than the original versions, although the remixers boldly copied some sounds from other pop stars.
Second, the song choices of the CD No. 2 are very much what I would have chosen, too. I only miss "Little Girl" and "Everlasting Love". All in all "My Favourites" is the perfect CD to catch new Sandra fans: Makes you hungry for more if you don't know her yet - although it is like a journey back into better times...

The album has two parts on it: The first one containing remixes of the well-known Sandra songs and the other one gathering Sandra’s personally chosen tracks. Unfortunately, the artist’s favourites are not really my favourites. They come mainly from her last two albums which I did not find as good as the others. They present a very big contrast with the first part of the album, which, in my opinion, is the ultimate in Sandra’s collection. The songs have very nice remixes, which present the songs in a different light. Also they further accent the higher quality of the tracks by making the vocals clearer. Again, as a dance music lover, I find the remixes especially entertaining (like “Around My Heart”, “Heaven Can Wait” and “Won’t Run Away”) and I would not hesitate to say that they would find a place in contemporary dance clubs.  Considering that this album is Sandra’s ‘goodbye’ to her fans, I believe that it is stylish and very modern in the contemporary trends.

I love the remixes and the originals, it should have been a great success here but, somehow, it didn’t get any promotion... This is really a must have for anyone who loves MUSIC. 

Maybe this is Sandra's favourite album but not mine. The remixes on it are not as good as they could be from professional music makers. They are very cheap and based on the old songs, same rhythms and almost the same BPM's. Was a good choice to come back with remixes but they did not a good processing of the songs. It would have been much better for me if the remixes were done by others, for example professional remixers or DJ's.

The final 2 CD compilation album with new remixes. Unfortunately this also may mark the final chapter in her solo singing career, which all of us Sandra Fans will be praying that this will not be the case.
CD 2 contains a selection of some of the best songs she has done. They are all the original versions of the songs.
CD 1 is a selection of songs that have all been freshly remixed. On a whole they are not bad, but some obviously work better than others. The best in my opinion is "Around My Heart" which is fabulous. Make sure you play it loud! ;)
My other favourites include "Mirrored In Your Eyes", "Secret Land" and "Tell Me More". I don't think however, "In the Heat of the Night" and "Hiroshima" work all that well though. You might also notice that "Celebrate your Life" starts like a-ha's "Take on Me".
Apart from this though, generally its not a bad set of remixes, and in some cases I like the new versions better than the old ones.
Again, not a bad album to get, if you're new to Sandra.

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