Paintings in Yellow (Lyrics)

1. Hiroshima
2. (Life may be) A big Insanity
3. Johnny wanna live
4. Lovelight in your Eyes
5. One more Night
6. The Skin I'm in
7. Paintings in Yellow
8. The Journey

The Journey
(A: Cold out here)
Darkness forever, neverending night,
Flame in the ashes, water turns to ice,
Oh it´s cold out here, it´s cold out here...
(B: I'm alive)
Wake up to the break of day, wake up from a dream,
World outside is dark and grey, no one in the streets,
Can you hear me?
I´m alive!
Don´t know where you´ve been last night, don´t know where to go,
I hope that you´re alright, walk an endless road,
Can you see me?
I´m alive!
Can you hear me?
I´m alive!
(C: Paintings)
Paintings in yellow, sun in the night,
Dream of life, will this dream come true some day?
Paintings in yellow, believe me when I say,
Don´t know how but I try to make you see...
(D: Come alive)
Dreaming the impossible, crying for the moon,
I keep the dream alive, I know you´ll learn this, too,
Can you see me?
Come alive!
Can you hear me?
Come alive!
(E: The End)
Darkness is over, light is in your eyes,
I hear your laughter, lying by your side,
Won´t be cold in here,
Won´t be cold in here...
(Background vocal: Michael Cretu)