This album always brings back my memory… "In the heat of the night" was the first song I’d ever paid attention to her music. At first when I heard Hubert’s voice… awwww I had a nice feeling and that was when I liked this album. The production was okay and her voice was kinda high in most songs. It was pretty good and the backing vocals were great and cute.

I consider Sandra's debut album a good first try. You see that there's potential but you clearly recognize that half of the songs on this album were written only to fill it - and you can clearly hear that "Maria Magdalena" was not recorded together with the rest, it is different in sound quality. This album is not Michael Cretu's finest hour concerning good sound quality anyway. 
On the other hand, "Little Girl" is one of my all time Sandra favourites and although it lacks some quality, it doesn't mean that I don't like "The Long Play".

Very good indeed for a debut, because Sandra found her own style with it from the start. It lacks a bit in production quality though, but has two absolute killer songs on it: "Maria Magdalena" and "In the Heat of the Night", as well as a brilliant "underdog" Song: "Heartbeat"
It is the rock that made it rolling and man, what a great one indeed.
Some time back in '85...:) This is my lovely Sandra's retro album. I was a child when I heard the song "Maria Magdalena" for the first time. That was a beautiful time, song and a singer. And when I listen to this album again and again, I return to that great time, when the summer was high, and we've been alright... I don't want to critisize this album. I think that music and Sandra's voice are perfect for the debut. Big energy and a really nice atmosphere. But only 8 songs, that is too small.:)
My favourite song from this album is "Heartbeat". (Sorry Maria, but this is my taste).

It is a pretty small album, considering the amount of the songs. However, quality-wise it is not bad.  It contains three big hits which are very easy to listen to.  The rest of the album is filled with pretty much similar sounding tracks, which I regret to say are not too marvellous. However, the album is not bad, considering it was Sandra’s first one on the market.

This album was very good when it was released, sadly it sounds very old-fashioned nowadays. There may be people who say that not all the songs on it are good enough, maybe they’re right, but I think it was very good for its time. I remember singing "Maria Magdalena" with my cousin when I was 10 (we used to pretend we were stars and made our own concerts ;-) ), I didn’t know who the singer was, but I loved the song anyway. It was really big here.

I bought this album after getting the 7" "Maria Magdalena" single, which I bought after seeing the video. I still consider this to be a good album even after the many years that have passed since it's original release. You could almost feel bigger things were in store for her.

This is the first Sandra CD I bought! The songs which I love most are "Maria Magdalena", "In the heat of the night" , "On the Tray" and "You and I". Also it is the album which had the biggest success on me and which I have heard most of all. So I want to dedicate it to all my "sisters" and "brothers": The Sandra fans.
Sandra’s first and IMO her best album. This album represents true 80’s music, with hits like "Maria Magdalena" and "In the Heat of the Night", which can be found on many "Back to the 80's compilations". For me, this album could be easily titled as "Greatest Hits", because I like all the songs very much except maybe the last one, "Change your Mind". One of the very few albums (other than compilations or "best of"-albums) that I like to listen in full.

If there was no chronology indicator, I presume, there would hardly be anybody  who could define this album as a typical "first" one, except for Sandra's younger voice. Vocal experience in "Arabesque" shows itself despite the difference between the styles.
Naturally, ENIGMATIC mood wasn't yet established in Michael's creations; the compositions are distinguished with "sharp edged" beats, shifts, staying true to the major DISCO line, which in its turn is much better than mediocre, three cord techno.
The photo on the cover is one of my favorite ones; Generally, I like the album's design - in many cases, such a strict design promises that the production inside is not some garbage.

Well... the album was definitely a product of the 80's, which was fine to me, considering I grew up on 80's music. I felt it was a good album and that it had a good upbeat feel to it. I really enjoyed "In The Heat Of the Night" and "Heartbeat" on the album. Her voice, well, was a young voice, so I was not surprised at how she sounded. "The Long Play" sounded similar to American pop music at the time, although some people would like to think that she had a style of her own on this album. I do not think one could develop a "style" until later on in their career, which Sandra definitely has. I give it a thumbs up.

"The Long Play", Sandra's first solo album is now almost 15 years old, yet it still has a lot of life still left in it for an 80's Pop album. The album has many good tracks on it including probably her greatest hit, "Maria Magdalena", which was the main song that launched her solo carrier. My  favourite top 3 songs from this album include the before mentioned song, then "In The Heat Of The Night" and then "Heartbeat". But like all of Sandra's music, it is not easy to pick out which song is better than another because I can't really say that I hate any of her songs that she has ever done.
Even though I've picked out these 3, all the other songs come very close behind, with "You And I" probably being my least favourite song on the album, which is not to say that it is bad.

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