This CD didn’t impress me that much but I still liked the songs ("Mirror of Love" and "Innocent Love"). The good thing about “Mirrors” was all male background vocals are combined with Sandra. I liked that, it seemed like the whole group worked and sang together on this album (Hubert Kemmler, Michael Cretu, Peter Ries, and Thissy Thiers). Especially the voice in "Mirror of Love"... Hubert sounded so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… I loved his voice, I still do now. In this song, both voices (Sandra and him) were very emotional.

No question: "Mirrors" is a clear improvement compared to "The Long Play". A better production and also better "filling songs". The influence of co-producer Armand Volker is strongly recognizable. Only thing that disturbs me a bit is that some songs sound very much alike. Michael Cretu shouldn't try to copy himself, he can do better than that, although again he shows that he's a wizard when it comes to the creation of new synthesizer sounds to give a song the certain touch. I especially like "Midnight Man" - it has power!
With "Mirrors" Sandra proved that she is not a one-hit-wonder and that more and even better things are to be expected for the future. 

Follow up to her debut shows improvements in production and songwriting, but has a major problem all early sandra albums have: It is just not long enough to keep you waiting for good. Best song on the album is "Innocent Love", because it still reminds me of her first big one. There is an unrecognized song on it however - "Two Lovers tonight" - which caught my breath from the start because of its romantic touch and a great piano tune.

The breakup of the world!... I think, that Sandra doesn't have bad albums. This album sounds great from the first to the last note. And the lyrics are more... hmm... daring than on "The Long Play" album. But, in my opinion, those two albums sound almost the same. I don't mean that it is bad. Songs are very different, optimistic and I feel a big love in each of her words. This is great!!! So I have many favourite songs in this album. Best? I don't know, maybe "Loreen", but "Two Lovers Tonight" is great, too.

Much better than the first album. However, again the same situation: It is nothing really special.  It has a few ear-pleasing songs (like “Loreen” and “Don’t Cry”), but it also contains the ones of a worse kind… (“You’ll Be Mine”).  I personally think that she could have done much better.

The first time I heard "Don’t cry", it made me shiver, it stands out of the rest of the album for my tastes. The rest of the album is far better than "The Long Play". Sandra was moving in the right direction. 

The album which made me dance very much back in the '80s. I heard it on all the media and it was the first tape I bought. The songs of this album have Sandra's stamp on them and they are pure dance pop music. One of the best disco pop albums of '80s. The songs I love most are "Hi Hi Hi", "Two Lovers tonight" and "You'll be mine".
Very good album, with many great songs. My favourite 2 are "You’ll be mine" and "Mirror of Love". These two never made it to "Greatest Hits" or any other "best of"-album but for me, especially "Mirror of Love" is one of the best.

Regarding arts, it's a very successful album. Although it also has the same sharp beats and interchanges, generally, the album's style differs from that of the preceding album. It "emits" more confidence; more place given to experiment, but the general line remains untouched, it's natural - this is a new style for SANDRA. Vocal talent of Ms. Lauer rules over the music, 70 percent of which I consider as background, like in "The Long Play".
Engineering and arrangement by Michael Cretu is very competent.

"Mirrors" really continues on from where "The Long Play" left off.
There is no radical change in the style of the music and builds on the success on the previous one, but I think the album generally has a slightly lighter more upbeat feel to it. Again, this album has so many great songs on it, that it causes me great problems in trying to pick out the best ones. The key to Sandra's music is her soft, sexy and sensual voice that she has, which was what captured my heart in the first place, and pulled me in, wanting more. The other key to Sandra's music is Michael Cretu, who creates such wonderful music to accompany her voice, there's always usually a catchy tune or instrumental bit in the background music that makes all of Sandra's songs so brilliant.
What more can I say, its a nice album which I like.


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