I loved this album from the first time I heard it. It has an own identity, Sandra sings more sensual than ever, all songs have a high international pop music quality and you can already hear the influence of the Enigma project (which grew in the same time), especially on "The Journey". This album is also the first one without Hubert Kemmler as songwriter but there is no sign of a loss in musical quality, though, thanks to songwriter/co-producer Frank Peterson, who took Hubert's part. Sandra's version of "Hiroshima" is in my eyes far better than the original from Wishful Thinking - and definitely more successful! To all who think that the original was a big hit: IT WAS A MAJOR FLOP! 
My special favourite on this album is "The Skin I'm in" because it has groove. The breakdown in the middle of the song even reminds me a bit of the group Londonbeat. 
"Paintings in Yellow" brings a new dimension to the "Sandra-Sound".

Most people like this record mucho, yes, it sounded very enigmatic. Well, anyone likes Enigma type of music, so they should think this one is amazing (depends on whatever they think). Myself, I liked “One more night” and “Paintings in yellow”, they were the best ones on this album. I couldn’t stop listening “One more night” extended version, its guitar part sounded sad and romantic. This song made me feel like I was walking alone at the beach while missing my dream guy, but I couldn’t believe the video played at the beach, too. This is so cool, don’t you think? :o)

In my opinion her second best album. It has a warm feeling on all songs and you can almost feel the sun of Ibiza coming from every song. It also features two unusual songs for Sandra, "Hiroshima" and "Johnny wanna live". The first one is a protest against war in all its crueltys, the second one a scream against harming animals in any way. Sandra has grown up with her song material and she shifts her character perfectly to this new step forward towards perfection.
Another good album. The sound becomes more alive. Guitar part is perfect. I love to play these songs on my old acoustic guitar. Especially One More Night. But lyrics are too serious in some places. This is not bad, but in some songs not enough energy... Oh, what the hell, I like it anyway! It seems to me that Sandra's voice is different from other albums. New intonations and it sounds more... hmmm... more adult (sorry, I just can't find the right word). My favourite songs are "One More Night" and "Paintings in Yellow". Really, really nice!

Similar to the previous album, this one is marvellous, too. It has a combination of beat and melancholy. There are some great slow songs (like “One More Night” or “Lovelight In Your Eyes”) which add to the mood of the album. The lyrics are also a success, there are more metaphors used, and even the world problems are addressed (“Hiroshima” and “Johnny Wanna Live”). It is a must have not only for a Sandra fan, but for any lover of good music.

This was the first Sandra album I bought and, to be honest, I did it just because it was very cheap. I didn’t know who Sandra was at that time, but I absolutely fell in love with her music and went out to buy anything of her. It reminds me of a beautiful summer when my city hosted the Olympics. Sniff...
I think this is one of her best albums, love each and every song on it, and the sleeve is awesome.

The album which effected me with two sad songs: "Hiroshima" and "Johnny wanna live". The songs I love most are the great ballad "One more night" and "(Life may be) A big insanity". This album is still in the same borders of Sandra and pop music but with new slow rhythms like Enigma's and nice lyrics.
Nice album, although nothing special to me. Sandra's style has changed a lot since her previous album, "Into a secret Land". Songs are slower, more sensitive. The best track from this album for me is "The Skin I’m in", I like it a lot. Very nice cover of the album, too.

This is a point of change. Michael implements new methods, new sounds. Here, we can hear rock guitar, which is a fabulous instrument with very wide range of atmospheres it can create. I always wanted to hear more professional rock in Sandra's creations. "Paintings in Yellow" introduces much more of new vocal variations of Sandra - it is so pleasant - she does simply fantastic job with diverse singing technique; I just love her crying in "Hiroshima", her sad and protesting voice in "Johnny Wanna Live", her romantic mood in "One More Night", etc.
To my opinion, one of the excellent compositions of the album is the "Journey" - this shows how serious Sandra could be. 
As to the music, new space given to rock. In general, music from Sandra became  more alternative. Note that "Hiroshima" originally comes from rock theme of Morgan. Besides, Michael used the well known cord from Led Zeppelin in "Journey". I love, I admire, I respect "Journey". I just wanna say: "Thank You, Sandra, for existing..." 
And it can be noted that the album was released in the same year Michael introduced his first ENIGMA creation. I think this played a significant role in "Paintings in Yellow" - be it directly or indirectly. After all, it was the point for saying good bye to disco beats and a new age began for Sandra.

"Paintings in Yellow" is my most favourite of all of Sandra's albums. I think it is a crossing point from where her music gets much more serious with "Close to Seven" coming next, from the less serious style, shall we say, of "The Long Play" and "Mirrors" which came previously. I think this is one of the main reasons why I like it so much, it is the best of both worlds if you like.
The album really does have a wide variety of songs, from the more serious, yet brilliant song of "Johnny Wanna Live", to the fabulous, dreamy love song of "One More Night". Then "The Skin I'm In" provides a slightly lighter tone. Interesting enough, "The Journey" was the first song that I ever heard from Sandra. The similarities of this song and first Enigma album, released in this year also, are quite strong.
I would strongly recommend this album to anyone, fan or not. It is one of my greatest albums of all time. Simply Brilliant!

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