Her best album in my opinion. Perfect production, great songwriting, fitting perfectly to the Sandra style. A pity that it lacked success in most countries, because this album definetely hasn´t earned it. One absolute Killer song is hidden in this album of great tunes, it is in my opinion "Mirrored in your Eyes". Don´t ask me why, it just has that "magic touch".

This album was the coolest album she ever sang, even her voice changed a lot. And the music was so different from the other albums. I think this is so cool cause they began to compose differently in this album. One thing I could never forget is Angel’s voice (his rocky voice was so COOL). I like when they sing together, especially emotional Angel’s voice was in “Your way to India”, one of my favourite songs.

What a tragedy that her best album ever also marks the point where her success started to fade. If you are cynical, you could say, that quality was the reason of her end as a pop star. "Close to Seven" is her masterpiece, her music has grown-up and with this album she can take her place in the club of the great international pop stars.
Michael Cretu wrote and produced this album merely alone and it shows how he grew musically on his Enigma project! Sandra benefits from it. Also her voice is sensual and sexy as never before... 
Oh yes, before I forget: This is also Sandra's best sounding album in a high fidelity sense...
This album is very, very different from the ones before. Music has changed. It sounds like an Enigma album. I think that it is Michael Cretu's influence. But I love this album, too. Songs and lyrics are great. And these are not only empty words. There are new drums, percussion, keyboards and tape effects. In my opinion this is a more complicated album to play. (I know, I tried:-)). With those effects Sandra's voice sounds deeper and wider. I like it. Favourite song again? "Steady Me"! :)

This album is not bad. However, it is not as good as the previous two. The songs are not as easy to listen to as the ones on the previous albums; the listener has to “grow” to like them. Also it is not a typical dance-club style like “Into a Secret Land” or some of the tracks from “Paintings in Yellow.”  It puts the listener into a reflective mood. Although it has a different character, it is certainly enjoyable.

This album is PERFECT. Sandra at her best. What I don’t understand is why there were so few singles from it (only 2), maybe "I Need Love" was a flop, but it was not the better song on it. It has bittersweet autumn feelings for my taste which makes it very beloved to me. It brings back a lot of sweet memories, most of all the song "Seal It Forever" because I... maybe that’s a little too personal to tell about here ;-)

This was a very special album perhaps another of her finest.  A giant step up from her first album; great maturity as an artist. It's obvious she and Michael collaborate quite well. Not a weak song on this album at all.

This is a different album... I can say that all the songs here are more "aggressive" and "wild" than on the other albums! This album has another sound and songs cover all kinds of moods: Love, anger, dispair, pain... It is a multy-emotional album and my second favourite album. Songs I like most are "Don't be aggressive", "I need Love", "No Taboo".
To be honest, I couldn’t remember one song from this album off hand. I’ve heard them all but every time I want to listen Sandra, I put in something else, just not this album. Maybe if I listened to it more, I would start to like it. Sometimes you have to hear a certain song more than once before you like it :)

If taken as a whole, I think this is the best Sandra album ever. I underline the word whole, because every album of Sandra has many great things on it. But as an whole, "Close to Seven" is unique and it was made in a very high level in every aspect. As usual, Sandra's vocal does not need any commentary - she explores new and new ranges, new intonations with almost absolute success. We hear more live guitar in it, some times it is almost  metal - which is nothing, but just a pleasure for me. Here too, Michael opportunely used some sounds from ENIGMA, especially in "No Taboo". 
As to the other sides of "Close to Seven": arrangement work of the album is also in a higher level; more penetrating, more talented - it feels like Mr. Cretu did not even watch matches of his favorite Bayern football team during the work on the material. 
I would like to especially draw your attention towards the perfectly made ending of the album - "Your Way to India". If listened deeply this can even make you cry...as if Sandra for leaves us forever...

Well, it's been Close to Seven years now since Sandra started her solo carrier and this album really shows how much she and her musical style has changed. Gone are the days of 80's pop "Maria Magdalena" and "In the Heat of Night". Now, with "Close to Seven" Sandra's music has a totally serious mood to it. 
My most favourite song from the album is "Steady Me", a beautifully soft and sensual love song. 
I also love "No Taboo" and "Mirrored in your Eyes", but on a whole the album is outstanding. Both this and "Paintings In Yellow" are her greatest albums so far.

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