Sandra is a more thoughtful person than many of her critics can imagine. She always loved and cared for animals. Her first single “Andy mein Freund” was about the love to a dog.
Sandra with Pascha And her lyrics often are not the usual pop music stuff. Lyricist Klaus Hirschburger wrote a couple of socially engaged lyrics.
“In the Heat of the Night” for example is about prostitution, the song “Don’t cry (The Breakup of the World)” was influenced by the 1986 Tchernobyl disaster.
Sandra also joined the organiation “Artists United for Nature” and took part in the beneficial recording “Yes we can”, together with world stars like Joe Cocker and Harold Faltermeyer. The single was released around Christmas 1989 and made it into the German Top 20.

Sandra and her horse Arkadius Sandra had and has several pets. Cats and dogs belong to the Cretu household as well as her human family members and back in Munich she owned a horse with the name Arkadius. Since there has been no information about her private life since the birth of her sons in 1995, it is unclear what other pets are currently living in the Cretu’s mansion on Ibiza.

Many said that it was a sacrilege that a commercial pop singer like Sandra was recording a cover version of "Hiroshima", a 60's hippie song that became a Top 20 hit in Germany in the late 70's and was sung by the group "Wishful Thinking". But fact is that Sandra's version was much more successful than the original and has more power and feeling.
The song “Johnny wanna live” is a strong statement against all kinds of animal testing. It first appeared on the album “Paintings in Yelow” in 1990, but was released as a remixed version in 1993 as single. The videoclip contains touching footage and film material, bought from Greenpeace.

The song “When the Rain doesn’t come” from the 1992 album “Close to Seven” is a protest against child prostitution in Asian countries like Thailand, where a sick kind of tourism brings men from Europe into the country who can get cheap sex with young girls there, who prostitute themselves because of poverty

Also Sandra found strong words about her fellow German citizens, when in 1991 heavy riots of rightwing racists and neo-nazis were attacking and killing foreign people in Eastern Germany. She felt ashamed for her people and was reporting that even on Ibiza she had to justify herself for being  German.

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