From the very beginning of her career, it was reported that Sandra was always very open towards her fans, that she took a lot of time for giving autographs or talking to them. And probably this was true for the times when she was a part of Arabesque.

However, it changed a little when her success as solo singer grew so huge that fans from all over the world were always trying to get to her, trying to penetrate her privacy and her home. She still was friendly and always knew what she had in her fans. But living in Munich was almost not possible anymore. Before Sandra and Michael moved to Ibiza, fans were evern invading their garden and were spending the night there. "We got up in the morning and they greeted us for breakfast", Sandra tells, "One even got into our living room"..

The reason why there was never an official fan club, is officially argumented with the fact that people tried to make their own money with Sandra’s name and her music.
Until now, manager Jürgen Thürnau pursues all attempts of making any commercial profit with Sandra’s or Michael’s name and/or their music. People who want to start something of their own, should better ask him first for a permission, otherwise they will soon face the threat of a law suit.

Reports from fans who met her on Ibiza, show different pictures. Some say she was very friendly and took some time for chatting with her fans, others say she was very unfriendly and blocking. She surely has reasons to be careful. Once a Romanian fan camped for weeks on the Cretu’s property, he even stole things from the house, before he finally was found and arrested.

It surely can be said that all the stardom and the masses of fans have stressed Sandra to the maximum in the past. She still is the kind person that she ever was but during her attempts of trying to lead a normal life in the last years, the fans surely were not welcome always and anytime. But she probably knows that it will never be a normal life, because it's the price for being a star. Like a famous German showmaster once said: “You can not expect millions of people to buy your music on Saturday and complain about the fact that millions of people know and recognize you on Monday.”

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