1. Michael Cretu

Sandra’s producer, songwriter, longtime boyfriend and husband since 1988, was born in Bukarest, Romania, on May 18th, 1957. In 1975, at the age of 18, he immigrated to Germany to study classical music. To finance his study, he worked as a studio musician, production helper and arranger for Frank Farian in the “Europasound Studios” in Offenbach near Frankfurt. After he finished his study, he got a reputation as a talented composer, keyboarder and producer. He made productions for dozens of artists, released several solo albums and started projects in co-operation with other artists, until he finally got his personal breakthrough in 1991 with the creation of “Enigma”. He was and still is the key to Sandra's success and her career wouldn't have been possible without him.

2. Jürgen Thürnau

Sandra and Michael Cretu's manager and long time personal friend started out as a record salesman, before after some additional career stages he founded his own music management company, called “Mambo Music”. Later he changed the name to “Crocodile Music”. The address of his homepage is http://www.crocodile-music.de

3. Hubert Kemmler

The talented singer and songwriter Hubert Kemmler founded the band “Hubert Kah” together with Markus Löhr and Klaus Hirschburger at the beginning of the 80’s. First they were a typical “Neue Deutsche Welle” band, then changed their style to international pop music in English language in the second half of the 80’s. Hubert was an essential member of the Sandra team from the beginning, he sang most of the male parts in Sandra’s songs and has written or co-written most of the songs from the albums “The Long Play”, “Mirrors” and “Into a Secret Land”.
In 1988 he parted from Sandra’s team because of personal problems and released a very good solo album under the name “Hubert Kah” in 1996, before he got a serious illness that forced him to cancel all activities, from which he had recovered now.

4. Klaus Hirschburger

The very talented lyricist, bass guitar player and former member of the band “Hubert Kah,” is besides Michael Cretu the only member of the Sandra team, who was involved in all Sandra productions. He wrote most of the lyrics to her songs and also assisted Michael Cretu with the lyrics for Enigma and most of Michael’s other productions.
Klaus also appeared in many of Sandra’s TV appearances in the 80’s as member of her stage band.

5. Markus Löhr

The third member of the former band “Hubert Kah” co-wrote many of Sandra’s songs and also played the guitars on “The Long Play”.

6. Armand Volker

Armand is also a successful German producer. He had already worked with Michael on “Hubert Kah” albums and was co-producing the Sandra album “Mirrors”. He also produced stars like Sally Oldfield and Sarah Brightman.

7. Frank Peter (a.k.a. Frank Peterson)

Frank started as a member of Sandra’s „virtual“ stage band for TV appearances, later he became co-producer and co-songwriter for Sandra’s album “Paintings in Yellow”. He was the second man behind the first Enigma album “MCMXC a.D.” with the alias “F. Gregorian”. Michael and Frank parted in a quarrel of musical rights, since then Frank Peterson is very successful as producer of stars like Princessa or Sarah Brightman. He also started his own project called Gregorian.

8. Peter Ries

Also a former member of Sandra’s “virtual” tour band for TV appearances, he released own music under the alias Marc Cassandra. He is responsible for most of the 1999 remixes of Sandra’s songs that were released on “My Favourites” and he is credited as songwriter for the new single “Forever”. Peter also did remixes for the successful German girl group "No Angels".

9. Tom Leonhard

Tom played the guitars on the albums “Paintings in Yellow” and “Close to Seven”

10. Peter Cornelius

As a good friend of the Cretu’s, the Austrian singer, songwriter and guitar player had some cameos on Sandra productions and also on Enigma albums. Michael Cretu produced 5 of his albums, which were very successful in the German speaking parts of Europe.

11. Andy Jonas (a.k.a. Andy “Angel” Hart)

Andy is a German singer from Bavaria, who replaced Hubert Kemmler as male voice on the Sandra albums “Close to Seven” and “Fading Shades”. He released own albums under the name “Angel X” and also sang the Enigma hit single “Return to Innocence”. Andy is currently working on own projects with his band “Tagträumer”.

12. Jens Gad

The Munich-born musician and producer had been working - among other projects - with Frank Farian on Milli Vanilli, before he joined the production team of Michael Cretu in 1991, after Frank Peterson left. He has been an assistant of Michael since then. He is a talented guitar player and also has a fondness for fast techno rhythms. He co-produced and wrote most of the songs for the Sandra album “Fading Shades” and took part in every activity of Michael Cretu since then. He also was mostly responsible for the rather unsuccessful instrumental project “T.A.A.W. – Trance Atlantic Air Waves”.

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