Subject: German Single Top 100
From: Media Control
Date: Germany, 12 April 2002

SANDRA 13 places back to #89 in the 2nd week at the German Single Top 100

down 89   (76) Sandra Such A Shame (2)

Subject: The Wheel Of Time world releases
From: Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG
Date: 8 April 2002

On 29 April 2002 the CD "The Wheel Of Time" will be released in the following countries:
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
Japan (first as Import CD)
The Netherlands

Subject: German Single Top 100
From: Media Control
Date: Germany, 5 April 2002

SANDRA entered on #76 in the German Single Top 100

new3.gif 76   (--) Sandra Such A Shame (1)

Subject: The Wheel Of Time Cover design
From: Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG
Date: 4 April 2002

The Wheel Of Time

Beside that the problems with the artwork delayed the release of the new album with a week to 29 April 2002 it was worth the waiting.

Here you see the cover of the album - as written in the Virgin interview with SANDRA - its done in bluecolors and that way it perfectly catches the musical mood from The Wheel Of Time

The album The Wheel Of Time will be released in three formats: 1. Digipack for first release, 2. Jewelbox for follow-ups and for releases outside Germany, and 3. as MC (Cassette) also for outside Germany.

After Forever there is Such A Shame the second song taken from this album. Since 25 March 2002 on sale in Germany.

Subject: Nachrichten - Hamburg - Kultur/MoPop
From: Hamburger MORGENPOST
Date: 3 April 2002

mopop | 03.04.2002

The hot sun of Ibiza
by Tino Hanekamp

Sandra: The queen of the 80's cheap popmusic tries it again

Sandra, the German icon of the 80's, the female counterpart to Modern Talking, is back. After six years of child breeding on Ibiza the first single "Forever" was released in October. A flop. Now the second try: The single "Such a Shame".

A zombie of a song, the original is from the venerable Talk Talk. The new version sounds nasty. Blasphemy! "We did these cover versions on my new album spontaneously and from our hearts. We never wanted to release them as single," Sandra quickly says. Sure. Also shreddered by her husband Michael Cretu (Enigma): "Free Love" from Depeche Mode. Sandra mocks about the original: "The number is too limp for me. Why it is so successful, puzzles me. Concerning production, one could have done much more with it." Of course she means that serious. The sun is hot on Ibiza after all.

And then those pushy fans. "They bugged me, insulted my manager and everybody screamed: When will there be something new from Sandra?" Only therefore the comeback, sure. At the end of April, her 8th album "Wheel of Time" will be released. If in spite of all expectations, it makes it to the charts, Sandra also utters the final line: "When we see what nowadays is happening. Sorry but how can such bullshit make it to the charts at all? There are worlds breaking down for us", she, the queen of cheap pop, says. And always we are reminded of the sentence: The sun shines hot on Ibiza.

translated by SANDRAnet
readers reply to Morgenpost

Subject: OÖNachrichten Culture SANDRA
From: OÖNachrichten
Date: 2 April 2002

 OÖNachrichten Culture 2. April 2002  

INTERVIEW: Sandra about her comeback album,her family, memories and dreams

The Wheel Of Time changes all people

The German NDW period was just over, the disco-mania was re-establishing. Then a young German girl came and sang "Maria Magdalena". She became a star. That was in 1985. It has been quiet for the last seven years around Sandra. Now, as a 39 year old mother of twins she dares a comeback. The title is "The Wheel Of Time". Typical in Sound, typical in mood, typical Sandra. An album that is very much fixated on her and her husband: The producer and musician Michael Cretu (Enigma).

Of course a comeback inevetibaly triggers feelings. Also for Sandra. "We have made the album for ourself in the first place", she tells in an OÖN-interview. Although you can't say that there hasn't been a change in these past seven years: A development of her voice, her personality and her role as mother. She put all her "devotion and love" into the music without jumping onto a trend that is currently 'in'.

Sandra and Michael have worked for two years on the new songs. "We purposely took so much time. As i also wanted to make sure it could be combined with raising the children." But then came Cannes, an award winning for Michael Cretu, his awareness from an internet chat that "50 percent of all questions were mainly focussing on when there will be a new SANDRA album."

The title - "The Wheel Of Time" - was chosen purposely. As time not only changes a voice but also people. Time and music has influenced her. Even so strong that SANDRA on her new album immediately added a few cover versions, with very personal background. "Such A Shame", originally from Talk Talk, was the song the couple had heard day and night on their first holiday together at the Garda Lake. When they moved from Germany to Spain, "Silent Running" from Mike & The Mechanics had been played all the time. "Those are songs, where you look at each other and have an understanding with your partner." With its lyrical contents, the album is very much about their relationship. The choices for the cover versions were logical, although they recorded them for themselves.

It was something else with "Free Love", the latest hit of Depeche Mode.
"Typically Michael, he called me at around 03:30 a.m. to come into the studio. "I have listened to a super song for you", he said. "Listen to the song and in an hour you record it. So we made that one."

it is no surprise that Sandra calls her husband her motivation. "He pushes me in every aspect in a positive way and motivates me immediately." A circumstance that lead to the fact that "in my life 98% of my dreams have already been fulfilled" in the relationship with the children, concerning success. When she dreams, then "that the family stays together and that we manage to keep understanding each other so well."

It may be this deep core that held the artistic couple Michael and Sandra Cretu together for 20 years and never brought them in the headlines. "Private life should stay private. When you love each other deeply, it will work."

In addition to that, in their chosen home on Ibiza the studio is a part of the house. " There is no private life. For us everything is about the music business, even when I'm not singing. Though the children are not interested in learning to play a instrument at the moment. "

 Interaction: send a e-mail to OÖN-Editor

( translated by SANDRAnet, original german article by Reinhold Gruber )

OÖN from 02.04.02
© 2002 Medienhaus Wimmer

Subject: Virgin lottery - The Winners
From: Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG
Date: 28 March 2002

The Winners


The 10 winners of the handsigned SANDRA single Forever are:

1. Anders aus Norwegen
2. Martin aus Donsieders (D)
3. Christian-Jürgen aus Düsseldorf (D)
4. Christophe aus Italien
5. Christine aus Würzburg (D)
6. Petr aus Prag (CZ)
7. Sandra aus Hamburg (D)
8. Jérome aus Trappes (F)
9. Melanie aus Buchholz (D)
10. Swantje aus Berlin (D)

  Happy Easter!

Subject: SANDRA Answers your questions 2
From: Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG
Date: 27 March 2002

Answers your questions 2

Many of your questions are concerning the tracklisiting of SANDRAs new album. How did for example Depeche Modes Freelove find it´s way to the new album? "One night Michael asked me to come to the studio. He had just been listening to a great song - of Depeche Mode. ´You are kidding´ I said, ´I can´t cover a Depeche Mode song!´ - Yes, yes, you can do that - just come and listen." - An hour later SANDRA went to the studio. Michael had called Jens Gad in the meantime and told him to leave everything behind and join them in the studio. And then was recording! Two hours of work, two takes, and the song was fixed. 30 (!) hours later the Freelove coverversion was ready for the new album...

Freelove was a challenge for Michael as producer, and his version sounds more bluesy than the original, like bar music. And that´s the way SANDRA interpreted the song. Moody bar music - in our opinion this term reflects best the atmosphere which the music on SANDRAs album creates. The magic blue hour before sunset. "Believe it or not", SANDRA said, "the cover will be blue, indeed!" She showed us some versions of the new album cover (not approved yet), amongst them a very moody blue one. - Let´s wait and see!

Next topic: fashion. A (female) fan from France wants to know what happened to all the suits she was wearing on stage. "I´ve kept them all", SANDRA answered, "each single dress. I have an extra wardrobe only for those suits. The red tulle dress one can see on the Maria Magdalena single cover still exists - and this one needs most of the space in my wardrobe! - I love every single dress, because each of them has it´s own story. I´m really attached to them and never won´t give them away. - Maybe I can wear some of the leather tops again? They´re fashionable again, nowadays." Do you still fit in? "Oh, I believe I was stronger before the children, it should work!" she laughed. And the new house where she will be moving soon has enough spare space for those souvenirs, she betrayed to us.

Finally we pitched on some funny questions: Do you like cream cheese rolls? Do you like bicycle riding? Do you have a really awkward record at home? Something like Heino (German pop singer)? SANDRA laughed. "Alright, no cream cheese rolls, but cream cheese with chives and potatoes. We often dress that, it´s quick and easy, and the children like it, too. I bike almost every day with my children. - An awkward record? No, we only have the records we really listen to - and we do not listen to German pop songs."

The next journalist was waiting, and we said thank you, SANDRA, for this wonderful, relaxed and informative conversation.

Subject: SANDRA Answers your questions
From: Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG
Date: 25 March 2002

Answers your questions

Beside that the problems with the artwork delayed the release of the new album

SANDRA visited Germany last week to promote her new album The Wheel Of Time. We met her in Munich, and she was relaxed and in a good mood.

Looking at the amazing results of our fans ask Sandra-campaign SANDRA told us she hardly couldn´t believe in having so many fans all over the world after 7 years of absence. Exactly this was the clue for her new album: SANDRA wanted to do something for her true fans sticking by her for so many years - she wanted to do a new album for them!

Wasn´t it hard to get back into music business after such a long time? As I returned back on stage for the first time after 7 years I felt so happy" SANDRA explained. Everything was familiar to her, especially working on the Forever video. - "As if there has never ever been a break." If so, why this long break? In fact, SANDRA was in need of a time-out. After travelling for years and only coming home for changing clothes and heading back for the road again she was longing for a rest, for a regulated life and for a family. This time of concentration, of focussing on her individual development became the layer, so to say, the background for her comeback. She definitely likes getting back to work, but not as excessively as before. "365 days a year travelling allover Europe - I can´t and won´t do that anymore." There should be enough time left for the children and herself, so she carefully selects what she´s going to do.

The man behind the new album The Wheel Of Time is - once more - her husband Michael Cretu. She sees her role in interpreting the songs he writes for her and and give them her very own touch. "Perfect Touch for example - I changed the melody instinctively to get closer to my understanding of this song." Working with Michael Cretu gives her freedom in interpretation and extemporization as well as widening the range of her voice which now contains passages sung as a mere whisper and lower keys as well.

One can feel a kind of safety behind the music that results in a new way of approaching the songs. Michael never told her when and how to sing the songs. Let´s hear Sandra on her favourite song of the new album, I Close My Eyes: Michael told me it´s me who sets the right time for singing each song - it could be today, tomorrow or in three weeks. - I´ve read the text for I Close My Eyes just one time to avoid any slips of the tongue, and I knew the melody. One morning, somehwere around 4 o´clock, the moment had arrived. I joined Michael and Jens in the studio who at that time had been working on another song. They switched from mixing to recording, I took the microphone, and then we did exactly two takes, each without break. That was it! - I´ve never managed this before. - We left the second take behind and took the first one right away. Okay, there was one line I could have done even better, but if you start cutting pieces out and recording them again and again effects a loss of unity, mood and flair. It was just of a piece. - Honestly, I believe I Close My Eyes is the best song on this album, besides The Wheel Of Time."

Of course SANDRA loves each song of her new album! The way she approaches to the songs nowadays is very different from the past. At that time she first memorised the songs and concentrated on how to exactly express them. She exercised and exercised, and so she trained herself to sing each line in just one way - and there was no possibility to change this expression once it was found. "Overexercising" is the term Sandra uses therefore. Today SANDRA is an even more self-confident and courageous artist who trusts in her voice and her expressiveness. That gives her the maturity and freedom for improvisation that results in the flair that surrounds The Wheel Of Time.

"A development of my ego - in every direction" - that´s how Sandra puts it in a few words.

Tomorrow more from SANDRA - here on this page!

Subject: Fans asking questions to SANDRA
From: Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG
Date: 22 March 2002

Our action "Do YOU have a question for SANDRA" has ended. Your reactions completely overwhelmed us. You have posted hundreds of e-mails with questions to SANDRA. Thank you very much for your participation!

Though we didn't expect this huge amount of responses. Therefor you must give us some time until monday 25 March 2002. Then we will publish the answers.

Next week we will also name the 10 winners of the Virgin-lottery. The lucky ones who will receive a "Forever" single-CD which also have SANDRA's signature on it.

  So: Keep your faith in us!

Subject: SANDRA ALBUM "WHEEL OF TIME" postponed
From: Crocodile Music Managment
Date: Münich, Germany 22 March 2002

SANDRA ALBUM "WHEEL OF TIME" is postponed one week to 29.04.02.

The new Sandra album "The Wheel Of Time" is postponed for artwork problems one week to 29.04.02 (release date Germany).
The new Sandra single "Such A Shame" will be released in Germany 25.3.02.

Subject: Do you have a question for SANDRA?
From: Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG
Date: 12 March 2002

Do YOU have a question for SANDRA ?

Write it down and send them in until Monday 18 March 2002 to Virgin Germany

You can read SANDRA's answers on the Virgin site and translated on this page from 25 March 2002.

Small extra: Virgin gives away 10 "Forever" singles containing SANDRA's signature which will be selected out of all received questions. So taking part is worth it!

Subject: - SANDRA fan quiz on Radio2
Date: 12 March 2002

16:45 uur
Fan.FM with Jeroen Hage who knows everything about Sandra, not Sandra Reemer, but the German lady who became famous with ‘Maria Magdalena’.

AVRO Radio2 (Dutch public national radio) 16:45

Presented by Hans Schiffers
SANDRA fan Jeroen Hage from Schoonhoven, the Netherlands

Schiffers: Jeroen Hage from Schoonhoven good afternoon
Jeroen: Good afternoon
Schiffers: I have a bad rememberence of SANDRA... i came in 1985 by the AVRO and in those days we had a person from America who was responsible for the station format for the AVRO monday on Hilversum 3. One of his golden rules was when a record drops in the chart that it then becomes popular by a large public. Record buyers are young people so after SANDRA stood 2 weeks at nr.1 we needed to play her for weeks in high rotation. The same we did for Nikita from Elton John for example. So i cant hear that song anymore. You can imagine. What do you have with SANDRA who we actually already forgot ?
Jeroen: Mainly her original voice is what i like most, her looks and the music i like very much.
Schiffers: She is still active ?
Jeroen: Yes, after 6 years she made a new album which will be released at the end of April.
Schiffers: Wheel Of Time is that heh ?
Jeroen: Wheel Of Time, yes
Schiffers: Okay, the best song she made you must tell us, what is that for song ?
Jeroen: When The Rain Doesn't Come
Schiffers: And that song we play when you answer 10 questions about SANDRA by us. Good luck and 50 euro you can win...

Question 1: What is her girls name ?
A) Sandra Lauer
B) Sandra Bruhl

Question 2: In 1990 SANDRA can be heard on a Dutch NR1 hit...
A) Sadeness Part 1 - Enigma
B) Verdammt Ich Lieb Dich - Matthias Reim

Question 3: SANDRA was at the age of 16 in Japan as popular as ABBA in Europe, what was the name of the LUV like group of which she was then the leadsinger ?
A) Abbaresque
B) Arabesque
C) Barbarella

Question 4: SANDRA has a German mother, is her father...
A) French
B) Russian

Question 5: After the split of Arabesque in 1984 had SANDRA in Germany a hit with a German translation from a hit record
A) Big In Japan
B) Time After Time

What was the German title do you know that too ?

Jeroen:Japan Ist Weit
Schiffers: Yes, Never heard it. But I dont think i want to either.

Question 6: She married on 7 January 1988 with the Rumanian Michael Cretu, maker of the hit Sadeness Part 1, which was a mega succes nr.1 in about 41 countries,
and he can his whole life live from this hit, where does he live with SANDRA and their 2 children...
A) Ibiza
B) Venta Ventura

Question 7: Who was the producer from her first record Andy Mein Freund from 1976 ? She was then 14 years old...
A) Ralf Siegel
B) George Roman

Question 8: Who is her male oponent in the hit Maria Magdalena ?
A) Hubert Kemmler
B) Markus Lohr

He is from Hubert KaH or so heh? That name sounded familiar to me. You know very much question 9...

Question 9: What is the name of her 2 years older brother ?
A) Karel-Heinz
B) Gaston

Do you know her personaly or so that SANDRA ?

Jeroen: No, i wish that was so !

Question 10: Succes of the hit Maria Magdalena was incredible. In which country did she receive 4 times platinum award which made Maria Magdalena for a long time the best sold record ever in that country....
A) Sweden
B) Spain


Jeroen: No, you dont mean that
Schiffers: I mean it. The last question is more or less always the most difficult one as its a gamble question. You will have that good or not and what are we going to play now ?
Jeroen: Don't Be Aggresive
Schiffers: You dont like that one?
Jeroen: No
Schiffers: I think i spoiled your afternoon
Jeroen: No not really. its a pity. Another time better
Schiffers: Atleast we have learned to know SANDRA a little better, thanks for your participation, BYE
Jeroen: BYE
Song: SANDRA- Don't be Aggressive

Listen to the quiz... click here!

Answers: 1A, 2A, 3B, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7B, 8A, 9B, 10A

Subject: SANDRA article in AMICA magazine
Date: Germany, 14 Feb 2002

  SANDRA portrait
Many fairytales become truth a time travel from "Maria Magdalena" until "Wheel Of Time"

The german woman magazine "Amica" has in its March 2002 edition 4 pages about SANDRA with pictures by Dieter Eikelpoth and a article written by Sebastian Martinez.

Subject: SANDRA information update
From: Crocodile Music Managment
Date: Münich, Germany 12 Feb 2002

Album Tracklist :
1. Forgive me Music & Lyrics : Cretu
2. Footprints Music & Lyrics : Filz/Schoenherz
3. Motivation Music & Lyrics : Inker
4. I close my eyes Music : Jonas , Lyrics : Jonas/Cretu
5. Perfect Touch Music : Cassandra/Filz/Jedner , Lyrics: Filz
6. Silent running Music & Lyrics : Robertson/Rutherford
7. Such a shame Music & Lyrics : Hollis
8. Now ! Music : Cretu/Gad , Lyrics : Cretu
9. Free love Music & Lyrics : Gore
10. Forever Music & Lyrics : Ries/Filz
11. The wheel of time Music & Lyrics : Cretu/Gad

Release date (For Germany)

Sandra - NEW SANDRA SINGLE : "SUCH A SHAME" Release :25.3.02
Single Tracklist:
1. Such a shame (Radio edit)
2. Such a shame (Remix,title tba)
3. Such a shame (Remix,title tba)
4. Such a shame (Instrumental,pb)

Release dates (only for Germany)
Radio : 25.2.2002
Shops : 25.3.2002

Subject: SANDRA information update
From: Crocodile Music Managment
Date: Münich, Germany 17 Jan 2002

[17.01.2002] new studio album beginning of next year
For technical reasons the release date is postponed
Album: title : "Wheel Of Time" release date is postponed to 1st quarter 2002 the album will contain 11-12 new songs written by several writers the producer will be Michael Cretu
Sandra and Michael are still in the studio (today is 17th Jan) and the album is not yet finished.

So, all release dates which are going around the world are rumors.
Date can only be released, when tape of the recording is finished.

Sandra c/o Crocodile Music • PO-Box 1360 • 82155 Gräfelfing
 (pls. include international answering envelope!)
No calls or e-mails!!! All important information is on this site

Subject: New single It´s A Shame removed from release list
From: Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG
Date: 14 January 2002

The new SANDRA single "It´s A Shame" has been removed from the Virgin Music coming releases list !

Subject: New single It´s A Shame announced
From: Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG
Date: 7 January 2002

The new SANDRA single "It´s A Shame" is announced to be released on 25 February 2002 !

It´s A Shame
25 Feb 2002

Subject: Forever on DVD
Date: December 2001

SANDRA "Forever" on DVD

    Best of 2001 is the title from a compilation DVD released in Germany with 31 songs. For 2 hours and 10 minutes clips in perfect quality. Among them "Forever" from SANDRA (track23) and Enigma "Turn Around" (track19).

EMI Music Media
7243 4 82648 9 2

Subject: SANDRA on German Satelite TV Aids Gala
Date: 2 December 2001 22:00

SANDRA at Stars 2001 - Aids Gala

After the performances from October 2nd and November 2nd she made today December 2nd her appearence at "Stars2001 - the Aids Gala" where she sung "Forever".
Broadcasted by the German Satelite TV-Channel SAT1 live from Berlin and presented by Kai Pflaume.
Superfluous to tell that SANDRA looked more gorgeous then ever before... the pictures speak for themself.
This great performance is definitely for all SANDRA fans one to remember for a long long time... FOREVER !

Subject: SANDRA down to 95 in German Single Top 100
Date: 23 November 2001

Is this SANDRA´s last week with "Forever" in the German hitparade ?
In her 7th week SANDRA went down to number 95 German Single Top 100

down 95   (78) Sandra Forever (7)

Subject: SANDRA 2 dec. in Stars 2001 - AIDS-gala on SAT1
Date: 19 November 2001

2 December
Stars 2001 - the AIDS-Gala

SANDRA guest in "Stars 2001 - AIDS-Gala" on the German Satelite-TV channel SAT1.

Sat.1 and the German AIDS-Donation presents in Berlin Airport hangar "Tempelhof" the AIDS-Gala 2001.
Stars such as SANDRA, Cliff Richard, 3.Generation, The Corrs, Orange Blue, Rosenstolz, Peter Maffay, Right Said Fred, Sasha and Falco meets Amadeus benefit with their musical performances.
There will also be appearences via satellite by several artists including Elton John and Sting who sells his guitar for the good couse.
Also expected contributions from Hannelore Elsner, Christopher Lee, Lenny Kravitz, Rick Astley, Wolfgang Petry, Mariah Carey...

Presentation: Kai Pflaume

Stars 2001 - Aids-Gala - Entertainment Sunday, 2 December 2001
Begin 20:15 End 22:45 Duration: 150 Min.


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