The American dj-music-service "Razormaid! records" has released "Johnny Wanna Live", "Don't Be Aggresive" and "Maria Magdalena (´93)" on the following CD´s.
On the CD "how slow... 5" they even have placed two Sandra titles !

Razormaid! records: How Slow CD-05
1. Mignon 2. D.Twins 3. Our heaven 4. SANDRA 5. Tasmin Archer 6. FMT
7. Pharao 8. SANDRA 9. Mylene Farmer 10. LDC 11. Mariannne Rosenberg

track 4: SANDRA - Johnny Wanna Live
digital mix by Joseph Watt 97 BPM (Db minor)
If you must choose between this version or the normal extended version than your favorite will certainly be this one (!). Although the two are a bit identical as they have used the same amount of vocals. Only the " Razormaid!" without the stereo effect. But the music part is much stronger much noisier and in rhytmn from start to finish, no fading. Just 6 minutes and 23 seconds of sizzling beat and roaring guitars !

track 8: SANDRA - Don´t Be Aggressive
digital mix by Joseph Watt 104 BPM (A minor)

A brilliant remix version this "Don´t Be Aggressive´. Especially due to the marvelous use of the vocals. Playing around with echo, using double voices and combining speaking with singing vocals and moaning. But also the music part is a improvement of the original extended version added music sequence. Realy very nice a version not to be missed ! Before you know it the 6 minutes and 59 seconds are already passed.

Razormaid! records: Gridlock! CD-11
1. Eden 2. Antico 3. Epos IV 4. SANDRA 5. CHP 6. Paradize
7. Juice 8. Eskimos & Egypt 9. Dance 2 trance 10. 2 Unlimited 11. Leila K.

track 4: SANDRA - Maria Magdalena (´89 Remix)
digital mix by Joseph Watt 130 BPM (B minor)

Did Michael Cretu left out the full lyrics for the original extended version, Joseph Watt included them on his version. He also used the backward vocals at the start of the track. The best part of the "Razormaid!" version are the nicely mixed vocals at the end. But you have to wait more then 5 minutes before they start as the track is 6 minutes and 2 seconds long.

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