From time to time SANDRAnet offers a special service for all the Sandra fans in the world who don’t have the possibility to get her videoclips or watch her on TV.

Our current SANDRAnet Video is a TV performance from June 2004. Sandra performs her 1985 Megahit "Maria Magdalena" in a show on German television, called "Sound of the 80's". It's Sandra's first performance of that song for many, many years. Thanks go to Siggie for capturing and sending it to us :-) !

The filesize is 36,5 MB, split into 12 files with
MasterSplitter from TomaSoft.

Download the current SANDRAnet VOM - October 2006

This is the picture size and quality you will get

vom-13.mpg - SANDRAnet TV appearance of "Maria Magdalena", June 2004 German TV "Sound of the 80's"
NOW available for download!

part vom-13.mpg.001 (3200 KB) vom-13.mpg.001
part vom-13.mpg.002 (3200 KB) vom-13.mpg.002
part vom-13.mpg.003 (3200 KB) vom-13.mpg.003
part vom-13.mpg.004 (3200 KB) vom-13.mpg.004
part vom-13.mpg.005 (3200 KB) vom-13.mpg.005
part vom-13.mpg.006 (3200 KB) vom-13.mpg.006
part vom-13.mpg.007 (3200 KB) vom-13.mpg.007
part vom-13.mpg.008 (3200 KB) vom-13.mpg.008
part vom-13.mpg.009 (3200 KB) vom-13.mpg.009
part vom-13.mpg.010 (3200 KB) vom-13.mpg.010
part vom-13.mpg.011 (3200 KB) vom-13.mpg.011
part vom-13.mpg.012 (2241 KB) vom-13.mpg.012
part vom-13.mpg.000 (1 KB) vom-13.mpg.000

Filesizes: Part 1 till 11 are 3200 KB, part 12 is 2241 KB and part 0 is 1 KB.
Click images to download.

You need to download ALL parts and JOIN them together with Mastersplitter (see above) in order to be able to view the video !

Since SANDRAnet has high quality demands, we don’t offer just some bad quality real player flick with telephone sound.

What you will get here, are high quality MPEG1 videos with hifi stereo sound, whenever possible. To prevent those files from being burned on CD and traded among people, however, we decided to make it a VCD-incompatible format.

The files can be played on any current PC but you cannot make Video CD’s from our SANDRAnet Video without a re-encoding which will destroy the quality. We are sure you will understand this precaution.

The SANDRAnet Video will always be between 30 MB and 150 MB large. But you don’t need to get in panic if you only have a slow connection – the videos will be online for a month each. You should be able to get the videos in time, even with slow connections. Try different times of day, if you have connection problems.

Now we wish you much pleasure watching our current SANDRAnet Video.

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